Pregnancy: Week 35

When you hit the week 35 milestone, you might not notice significant changes between week 34 and week 35. However, your baby’s brain is growing rapidly at this stage in the pregnancy, causing his or her head weight to increase. This can place increased pressure on your bladder.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Your baby will be about 20 inches in length, not much more than that of week 34. However, she’s going to be gaining weight throughout the rest of the pregnancy and probably weighs about five and a half pounds right now.

At the middle stage of pregnancy, your body’s fat content was about 2 percent. Now it’s about 15 percent. In the next few weeks, it will reach 30 percent.

Your 35 Week Ultrasound

If you’re called in for an ultrasound at 35 weeks, you will notice what looks like a baby who’s ready to be delivered at any moment. You may be able to see the cramped quarters with the placenta wrapping around just to have space. You may also see limited movement because of that limited space.

Don’t become disheartened, though, thinking that five more weeks of this is going to seem like an eternity. Before you know it, that baby you can see on the ultrasound is going to be in your arms.

Changes in You

Your body will be getting far too comfortable in the bathroom. You’ll have to get up and urinate frequently. You may even experience urinary incontinence. You might remember this from your first trimester, but now it’s not the hormones that are to blame; it’s the position of the baby’s head on your bladder that is causing this.

What You Should be Doing

At this stage, you should be paying attention to your baby’s sleep and wake patterns. You still want to be counting the number of kicks or other movements your baby is making in one hour, every single day.

You also need to be paying attention to urinary tract infections which can happen because of urinary incontinence and other related issues.

Ending Week 35

While you may be anxious for this pregnancy to end, keep reminding yourself that every single day your baby remains inside you, and continues to develop and grow, it’s going to make post-birth life easier, not just for their development, but also for you.

You also want to look into various childbirth pain relief options. This can include local and general anesthesia as well as breathing techniques. These can help at the most opportune moment.

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