Pregnancy: Week 34

If you’re having a boy, his testicles will descend this week. It’s also important for pregnant women who are in their 34th week to pay closer attention to wherever they’re walking. Your vision is not going to be as acute as it once was.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Now your baby is closing his eyes when he sleeps and keeping them open when he is awake. This is helping him prepare for natural sleep cycles when he’s born. You may also notice you can see some of his body parts when pressed against your belly. This is due to his increased size in the uterus and the reduced amniotic fluid.

Your 34 Week Ultrasound

Your baby is now about 5 pounds and can be as long as 20 inches. If you want to get an idea about just how much this weighs outside of your body, grab yourself a 5-pound bag of sugar or flour.

Your week 34 ultrasound can provide you with some great views of your baby and you’ll notice he looks much like he will when he’s delivered. You may also be able to see the fingernails and toenails that have fully developed at this stage.

Changes in You

Your uterus is now pressing up about 5 inches above your belly button. You may also notice you’re having difficulty seeing clearly. That’s due to pregnancy hormones that are affecting your eyes. You may also notice your eyes becoming drier. This can make it difficult to wear contact lenses.

Your eyes may temporarily change shape as well, which can complicate contact lenses. It may be best to rely on glasses for the remainder of your pregnancy.

What You Should be Doing

Now is the time when some women decide to write down their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations for their baby. They also talk about the emotions they have been going through during this pregnancy. You can write this in the form of a letter to your baby in the future. This can be a great way for you to look back and reminisce about the wonderful experience this actually was, even though it might not feel that way at the moment.

Ending Week 34

If you purchased your car seat now, which you should, you want to make sure it is installed properly. Nearly 85 percent of first-time parents do not install a car seat properly.

Now is a good idea to go to your local police department or fire department and have somebody check it for you. If they don’t provide the services, they can certainly direct you to somebody who can.

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