Pregnancy: Week 30

When women start approaching week 30 of their pregnancy, it’s a mental milestone more than anything else. They are in the final stretch of their pregnancy, with about 10 weeks to go.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Your baby’s brain is beginning to develop incredibly fast now, with the head finally developing to proportions that are more natural and common at birth.

You might notice fewer kicks and other movements this week, mostly because your baby has far less space than she did just a week or two ago.

Your 30 Week Ultrasound

During the week 30 ultrasound, you’ll notice your baby’s proportions, especially his or her head-to-body ratio, are much more natural. Your baby’s brain is getting bigger and even though you won’t be able to see it, the brain is actually beginning to take on those typical characteristic grooves and indentations.

Lanugo, or the soft hair that was helping to keep your baby’s body temperature normalized, is beginning to disappear.

Changes in You

With only 10 more weeks to go, you may begin to experience early pregnancy symptoms. These can include having to urinate frequently, mostly because your baby’s head is placing pressure on the bladder, tender breasts, fatigue, and even heartburn.

What You Should be Doing

While you may be experiencing heartburn frequently, even intensely, this is actually one of the most common elements associated with pregnancy. That’s because the hormones that are the result of your pregnancy are working to relax your pelvic muscles to aid in delivery. This also relaxes the ring of muscle that separates the stomach from the esophagus.

That means digestive fluids in your stomach head into the esophagus, causing extreme heartburn.

Avoid foods that commonly cause heartburn for you in the first place. That would include fried foods, chocolate, and spicy foods. Also, eat smaller portions and avoid lying down right after you eat.

Ending Week 30

You’ll probably begin to feel some pressure on different parts of your body and it can cause you difficulty breathing. If your baby is pressing against your diaphragm, you may need to try sleeping in a semi-seated position using pillows to prop up your back. Also, try to ignore the itching as your stomach continues to stretch. Rely on moisturizer before going to bed.

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