Pregnancy: Week 28

Week 28. You’re moving closer and closer to that delivery date and now your baby’s beginning to dream, blink and take on some new adventures.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Right about now your baby is going to be moving around and settling into position for birth. This means her head is beginning to face downward. Your baby is now about 2 ½ pounds and almost 16 inches in length.

As for this new skill of blinking, that’s going to be important after your baby is born because blinking helps to keep foreign objects out of her eyes. Your baby may also be dreaming now.

Your 28 Week Ultrasound

When you are scheduled for an ultrasound at week 28, you’re going to see an incredible amount of movement and activity. If the ultrasound takes place when your baby is sleeping you may just get the opportunity to see your baby’s eyes moving, which can indicate she’s dreaming.

If you get an opportunity to see your baby when she’s awake, look at her eyes; you might just see her blink.

Changes in You

Right about now you’re going to begin feeling some tingling leg pain. You’re two-thirds of the way toward the end of your pregnancy and entering that third trimester. Now, this pregnancy is no longer comfortable. Your baby is kicking more frequently, it can sometimes be uncomfortable and even painful when she does, and you’ll notice back pain beginning to be a real pain in you know what.

What You Should be Doing

Even though you may be experiencing sciatica or tingling and numbness that begins from your lower back and radiates down to the back of your legs, a warm bath, stretching, yoga, and bed rest can help alleviate this discomfort.

Ending Week 28

Now that you’re entering the third trimester, you should certainly be taking childbirth education classes, talking about various issues that may be important right after birth, such as circumcision for your boy, and getting a rhesus status test. If you are Rh negative and your baby is Rh positive, for example, you’ll need an anti-D injection this week. Talk to your doctor about that.

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