Pregnancy: Week 27

When you reach the milestone of week 27 of your pregnancy, you begin to notice a number of significant changes in your baby when you do an ultrasound. You’re also going to experience some swollen feet and ankles that may cause you quite a bit of discomfort.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

When it comes to your developing baby, you might notice that the doctor is no longer measuring with the traditional crown-to-rump standard but rather a head-to-toe standard. You’re reaching the end of your second trimester and your baby is measuring almost 14 inches.

You’ll also notice that your baby begins to respond to the sound of your voice, your partner’s voice, and other people in the household. Your baby is also beginning to hiccup quite a bit more, mostly because he’s sampling the amniotic fluid more frequently.

Your 27 Week Ultrasound

During your week 27 ultrasound, you may see your baby hiccupping. If you eat spicy foods, your baby will be tasting that. If you want an interesting exercise for your ultrasound at week 27, eat approximately 2 ½ hours before you’re scheduled ultrasound. That’s about the time your baby will be eating the same thing you just had. Depending on what you eat, that can cause some interesting reactions, including some kicking and moving of the arms.

Changes in You

During week 27 you will begin to notice that your uterus has swelled to about the size of a basketball. You’re also going to notice edema be much more prevalent throughout your extremities, especially your ankles and feet. This is when fluid begins to build up in your body tissues because of increased blood flow and pressure from the uterus on the vena cava, which is a large vein that runs down the right side of your body.

What You Should be Doing

The most important thing you should be doing at week 27 is not getting overly stressed or worried about this swelling in your feet and ankles. If you notice pain and extreme discomfort, talk to your doctor about this. You don’t want to let preeclampsia develop.

Ending Week 27

Now it’s a good time to start thinking about a birthing class and infant CPR classes. You should also begin looking for a quality car seat. Remember, after you give birth, most hospitals are not going to allow you to leave unless you have a good quality car seat properly installed.

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