Pregnancy: Week 26

When you reach the milestone of week 26 of your pregnancy, you’ll start to feel like your tummy is now significantly heavier. Your baby weighs about 2 pounds now and can measure approximately 9 inches, or even more. You’re also going to begin feeling a bit cramped as she is getting bigger.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

This is the week when your baby’s eyes begin to open. The retina has developed and they begin to open at around week 26. This means your baby can see what’s going on around her. You can have some fun by shining a flashlight over your belly and you might get a kick in response.

Your 26 Week Ultrasound

When you go in for an ultrasound during week 26, one thing the technician or doctor might mention is that brainwave activity is really starting to kick in now. That means whatever you’re doing your baby is going to respond to it. That includes making little noises, talking to her, and more.

Your baby’s fingernails will also begin developing, though you probably won’t see this on the ultrasound.

Changes in You

At this point in time, you’re about two-thirds of the way through your pregnancy. Your uterus has extended to about 2 ½ inches above your belly button. You’ll also notice that your belly begins to push forward, making more room for your baby to grow inside.

You’ll also notice that getting a full night’s rest is becoming more challenging. Insomnia becomes a major problem for a lot of pregnant women at this stage in the game. Heartburn and leg cramps as well as constant trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night can make it difficult to sleep.

What You Should be Doing

Right now is a great time to begin planning the nursery. This can give you something to do to keep your mind off other changes in your body. You also need to begin thinking about tempering your enthusiasm for more challenging physical exercise with activities that are bit safer.

Ending Week 26

As you head out of week 26 and into week 27, you have probably put on between 16 and 22 pounds at this point in time. Don’t worry about that. However, if your weight gain is beyond that or isn’t anywhere near that, it’s time to talk to your doctor.

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