Pregnancy: Week 20

Once you reach week 20 of your pregnancy, things are beginning to change. You might not feel much different than you were at week 19, but your growing baby is sure beginning to turn the page. This is the time when certain developmental milestones are achieved or begun.

This is also about the time when your doctor will likely want another peek at your baby with an ultrasound.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Many babies begin to open their eyes for the first time right around week 20. If you’re having a girl, her uterus will be developed at this time and if you’re having a boy, then he’ll have those ‘boy parts’ developing as well.

Your 20 Week Ultrasound

Your doctor will usually be able to determine the gender of your baby during the week 20 ultrasound. This is an exciting time for many parents and they can’t wait to know whether or not they’re having a boy or girl.

It’s a good time to sit down with your husband or partner and talk about how much you really want to know with regard to the gender of your baby. Some parents don’t want to know ahead of time, for various reasons.

Because of the changes in the physiological development of your baby, it’s going to be easy to determine gender. Your doctor isn’t likely going to mind either way if you want to know or if you’d rather wait and be surprised.

Changes in You

What can you expect to change with you during week 20? You will begin to really begin showing off that baby bump. This is about the time when some people (who may not know you’re pregnant) can be caught between offering congratulations and wondering if you’re just packing on some extra pounds.

You’ll also begin noticing that your nails and hair are starting to grow at a faster pace. That’s because of increased circulation and pregnancy hormones.

It’s important to realize that those nails may also become brittle and dry.

What You Should be Doing

Once you hit week 20, you may begin noticing that nausea and aversions to certain foods will be behind you. Now is the time to temper your enthusiasm for gorging. Continue to ‘graze’ as you did during the first 19 weeks.

Ending Week 20

Once week 20 is coming to an end, you may begin feeling your baby moving around more. It’s subtle and can be passed off as gas or an upset stomach. You’re also going to be at increased risk of fatigue and distractions, so be safe when driving.

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