Pregnancy: Week 19

Your baby is beginning to get coordinated, and you may feel quite a bit more pain beginning to emanate out from your lower back to your legs. Your baby has gone through another growth spurt and is moving closer to that all-important due date.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

At 19 weeks, your baby’s arms and legs are in proportion and neurons have now connected the brain to various muscles throughout the body. The cartilage that made up your baby’s skeletal structure is now turning to bone.

These changes are all allowing your baby to gain more control over certain movements. That usually relates to feeling more kicking, stretching, and punching sensations you may feel inside your belly.

Your 19 Week Ultrasound

If you go in for an ultrasound during your 19th week of pregnancy, it can be an incredibly exciting time. Many parents hope to see the subtle features of their baby’s face, being able to make out fingers and toes, a more uniform structure to the body, and more.

Your baby may be quite a bit active during the ultrasound, especially as she senses the ultrasonic wavelengths. When you talk to your doctor, move around, and do other things, your baby may react accordingly. In fact, the technician may request that you move onto your side, shift to your back, or even flip over to your other side if he’s trying to get a certain angle on the baby. Your baby may move in response to your movements.

Changes in You

One of the most common issues that pregnant women face around week 19 is leg cramps. While you may have already started dealing with back pain beginning last week, you may also notice more leg cramps developing. These are common during the second and third trimesters.

They actually occur during the day and during the night, but you’ll notice them more at night.

What You Should be Doing

Try to distract yourself from these leg cramps and other uncomfortable situations by paying attention to the kicking your baby may be making right now. Actually, your baby is kicking, but it’s easy to confuse those subtle kicks with gas.

Ending Week 19

You may be tempted to opt for a 3-D ultrasound, but these are not advised. You’ll get to see your baby in full bloom soon enough. Another thing to focus on is the potential for a yeast infection. They are more common during the second trimester and are hard to control. If you’re experiencing these, talk to your doctor about a potential treatment.

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