Pregnancy: Week 14

Now is the time when many pregnant mothers begin to experience a bit of easing on those first-trimester symptoms, such as morning sickness. That can certainly be a relief, but more changes are certainly on the way for the mom and the baby.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Right about now your baby is about the size of your clenched fist. Your baby is also likely to be constantly moving. These movements are not exactly the same as they were during the first trimester (which had a tendency to be jerky). They are actually a bit smoother and more fluid.

Your 14 Week Ultrasound

What you may notice during a week 14 ultrasound is your baby is no longer slouching. He’s actually standing straight and his neck is getting longer. Your baby will also likely begin sprouting hair, though don’t get any illusions about the color as that will likely change.

Pay attention to those more fluid movements during that week 14 ultrasound.

Changes in You

Since you’re now in the second trimester, this is most pregnant women’s favorite trimester of all. The first-trimester challenges seem to be a thing of the past. Your breasts are not likely to be as tender as they were previously and your energy level will be coming back.

Because there is less pressure on your bladder, you don’t have to go to the bathroom nearly as often. You also begin showing more, which usually leads to a maternity wardrobe.

What You Should Be Doing

Pay attention to colds, illnesses, and viruses going around. Your body actually suppresses your immune system during pregnancy in order to reduce the risk of it refusing or rejecting the baby. Go on offense when it comes to protecting yourself from germs. Avoid sharing drinks or food, stay away from people who are sick, and if you are worried that you may have gotten a cold, let your doctor know immediately.

Ending Week 14

Some pregnant women may start to notice new moles during their second trimester. Even though this is common, it’s still a good practice to let your doctor check them out. You’ll also notice a great burst of energy beginning around week 14. Get into light or moderate exercise, lowering your risk of gestational diabetes.

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