Pregnancy: 40 Weeks

This is it. D-Day for you has arrived. Your baby could be here in this world, in your arms, at any moment. For the past nine months, you’ve likely been through a roller coaster of emotions, highs and lows, worry, and hope. Now it’s all about becoming truly real.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Your baby’s length and weight may be different than another mother’s baby, but on average a newborn is going to be about 7 ½ pounds and 20 inches long. Your baby’s skull isn’t fused together, and won’t be for a while, and that’s normal; it’s meant to help the baby move through the birth canal.

Your baby may be sitting lower in your uterus, getting ready for that moment so many young parents think about when they contemplate having a baby – the water breaking and going into labor!

Your 40 Week Ultrasound

Whether your due date is right here or past already, don’t get anxious or frustrated. Many babies are not actually born on their due date (only about 5 percent are), so don’t get all concerned about that.

Your doctor may order an ultrasound at this time and you may have this done when you’re in the hospital getting ready to deliver. The most common reason for this is to check the baby’s movements, heart rate, and other vitals. Your doctor wants to make sure your baby is doing well and is ready for this thing called life!

Changes in You

You’re going to likely be uncomfortable. Carrying around an extra 20 to 40 pounds can make anyone uncomfortable. You’re also likely anxious to get this pregnancy over with at this point.

What You Should be Doing

Right now you should be taking it easy. Your doctor will likely have you come in several times to examine your cervix, measure its dilation, and see if it’s ‘ripening’ for labor. In the meantime, stay as relaxed as possible, be prepared to head to the hospital, and just grab catnaps when you can (you’re going to need them soon enough, too).

Ending Week 40

As you move through and to the end of Week 40, stress will be a part of your life. Find ways to relax, whether watching TV or movies, reading some good books, and more. Just try to take it easy and don’t overexert yourself.

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