Pregnancy: 37 Weeks

When you reach the milestone at 37 weeks, your baby is working on more dexterity and can probably grab her toes. She may also be grabbing onto her nose. This is helping her develop the ability to grasp objects when she’s born.

What to Expect with Physiological Development

Your baby is going to be moving around quite a bit more, including sucking her thumb. She may turn her head from side to side, trying to arch her neck and more. This is all helping her begin getting ready for life outside the womb.

Your 37 Week Ultrasound

An ultrasound at week 37 can be an exciting time. If your baby is awake during the ultrasound, she may be quite active, even though the room she has to move is limited.

Your baby is simulating inhaling and exhaling, taking in amniotic fluid, blinking, moving from side to side, and more. All of this is in an effort to prepare for life in the real world.

Changes in You

At this point in time, your baby could decide to make her appearance at any time. Your doctor will likely be measuring for dilation in your cervix. She’ll also be checking for the effacement of your cervix. When it is 100 percent effaced, then your baby is ready to be pushed out.

This can all sound incredibly technical and scientific, but these processes occur over a period of weeks. Don’t worry so much about it. You’re likely going to be visiting your doctor weekly or biweekly at this time, so just pay attention to what she says, follow her directions with regard to exercise and rest, and focus on a proper diet.

What You Should be Doing

Start preparing mentally and emotionally for delivery. Keep in mind that only about 5 percent of babies will actually arrive on their due date. Just because you have three more weeks to go doesn’t mean you’re going to get those full three weeks.

Now is the time to make sure your baby’s crib and nursery are ready to go.

Ending Week 37

Whatever you do, avoid painting your baby’s room or anything else. Even paints that are supposed to be safe for pregnant women may not be. If you need to paint the nursery or somewhere else in your house, rely on your partner, spouse, family members, or even friends.

Yes, you want to do some of that work yourself, but it’s best to play it safe, especially this late in the game.

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